Why you should NOT use App Killers/RAM Cleaners on your mobile – Battery Life Myths

No RAM Cleaner!
No RAM Cleaner!

Using App Killers/RAM Cleaners to Increase Battery Life – Myth

Nowadays we can see many smartphone owners are using RAM Cleaners on their mobile phones to maximize its performance. Most of the time people use a Task Manager which comes with an app killer or a RAM Cleaner and other bunch of features to tweak your device. There are few reasons why people tend to use these RAM cleaners this much. One major reason is they just need to improve the Battery Performance and increase its Battery Life

“when apps are running in the background of the device, usage of the RAM and the battery power is very high,so if you get to clear all these unwanted apps running in the background using a RAM cleaner you can easily increase the battery life of your mobile !”

Yeah it sounds so much promising that you probably think it will give some extra time to use your smartphone without charging, but is it really really true ?

Not at all! Instead it will increase the battery usage and lead to drain it more faster. But how could that be possible ? Here’s the simple explanation.

Usually these apps in the background are not running, they are in a “freeze” state where you left it, but loaded in the RAM. Therefor when you open these apps again, system doesn’t have to reload it because it is already loaded in the background. So what happen when you use a RAM cleaner to remove these background apps ? Simple, when you clear the apps using a 3rd party software it will use more power to do the cleaning task and when apps are cleared, the system will use more and more power when you reopen those cleared apps because the system need to load it from the beginning.

If the system need more RAM for any reason, it will automatically kill unwanted background apps. So using a 3rd party app for this task is completely unwanted! This is the real story behind RAM Cleaning and Battery Performance for both Android and iOS devices. So the next time you are gonna use a RAM Cleaner, think twice ! If you’re already using one, it’s up to you!

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