WhatsApp Launches A Separate Business Messenger

WhatsApp Launches A Separate Business Messenger For Small Businesses

To make it easier to connect with the customers WhatsApp has launched a separate app, specially designed for the people who run small businesses. If you have a business number and a personal number, you can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger apps on the same device simultaneously registered with different numbers.


The WhatsApp Business app comes with main features like

Dedicated business profiles containing business descriptions, email address, store address, website
Smart messaging tools like quick replies, away messages, greetings etc.
Metrics like number of messages sent, delivered, seen
and many more

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Until further notice, the app is gone for independent ventures, with WhatsApp asserting that 80 percent of little firms in the dispatch locales as of now utilize WhatsApp to speak with clients. It is currently accessible on Android devices in select markets including the US, UK, Indonesia, Italy, and Mexico, ahead of a global rollout.
There is no official mention of an iOS release of WhatsApp Business app. However the new application is also compatible with WhatsApp Web, which is the desktop web browser client of the app.

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