iTools 4 – An alternative for iTunes! [Download]

Comparing with android devices, it is not an easy task to connect an Apple device to a PC and manage it. Traditional way is downloading and installing iTunes app in PC then managing it via it. But installing iTunes is not enough, you also have to register and create an iTunes account to use it. Complicated stuff right ? So after all these are done, what you can do basically is managing media related stuff via PC. In the beginning iTunes came as a music player after further development now iTunes can be used as multimedia platform for iDevices.

But the thing is, is it enough ? Just a multimedia platform?

That is why you need to use iTools app instead of iTunes. iTools provides not only iTunes features, but also comes with a bunch of unique tools which iTunes doesn’t provide. And you don’t need to have an iTunes account!

iTools latest version is iTools 4. App is developed by ThinkSkySoft company. iTools 4 can be used with both Windows and Mac systems and it support all the devices running iOS up to iOS version 11.3.1 including iPhone8/8+/X and iPads.

Some key features in iTools 4 are,

  • Powerful multimedia management
  • Complete Backups and Restores
  • Complete Battery Master
  • iTools Airplayer
  • Complete File Management
  • iTools Image tool
  • Icon Arranger
  • Ringtone Maker
  • Fake GPS Location simulation

And many more !

We’ll further discuss about iTools app in upcoming articles. Untill then try using it.


Download iTools from website

Free Download iTools for Windows

Free Download iTools for Mac

Free Download iTools 4.0 for Windows

Free Download iTools 4.0 for Mac

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