How To Close Apps On iPhone X ? [VIDEO]

Since the new iPhone X doesnt have a Home button, Apple has changed the way of closing apps on it. Until iPhone 8, Apple users used to close apps by pressing the home button and swiping, but not anymore! So how to force quit/ how to close apps on iPhone X ? It’s simple Follow below instructions or watch the video!

1.Going to Home Screen by Closing an App

Simply Swipe up from the bottom edge of the iPhone and then release the app, you will be gone straight to home screen.

2.Switching Apps

Swipe up from bottom edge and hold a moment. Then all the running apps will be visible and you can switch between those apps!

3.Force Closing an App

Swipe up and hold as above explained and then release the finger and again touch and hold any app for a moment. Then all the apps will be marked with a “minus symbol” . now swipe up or touch the minus symbol to close the app you wanted. That’s it!

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