Facebook Messenger Special Valentine’s Day Update Will Surprise You!

Image: Happy Valentine's Day | Facebook Messenger

Valentine’s day gift from Facebook for all the couples!

Day by day Facebook is adding so many new features to their platforms, to increase the time people spend on Facebook. On this Valentine’s day they are updating the Messenger app with a pack of new features specially designed for the couples!

To experience these features first you have to update your Messenger app and then change your relationship status to indicate that you are now in a relationship—making it “Facebook official”. Then a notification will be received to open the conversation with your significant other!

When you open the conversation you will notice,

  • A shower of hearts will cascade over the conversation
  • Custom emoji of the conversation has changed into the smile-with-heart-eyes emoji
  • Conversation with your loved one will be on the top of the Active tab in Messenger, making it easier to access the chat thread

Facebook has also added special Valentine’s day camera filters to the messenger app.

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